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Top 5 Events for Easter Celebration in London

Easter 2015 is very early this year, dates are 3rd to 6th April inclusive and London is brimming with exciting events. There are plenty of egg hunts, visits to farms and funfair to keep all the family entertained. Read more…

10 Family Christmas activities in London!

If you and your children are visiting London this year for a Christmas, then you are definitely in for treat, as London is brilliant during the holiday seasons. London offers so many exciting things to do, some free some not so free, but definitely lots of choice. Read more…

Top 5 historic Pubs in London

If you are visiting London for your holiday or for work, visiting one of London’s historic pubs is a must. The term ‘pub’ is a shorted version of Popular Public House and has been around in one from or another since the Roman times. Read more…

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