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Easter World Street Food Festival in Southbank 18 to 21st April

If you are in central London this Easter between 18th to 21st April, do come and join the Quality London Apartments team at the biggest World Street Food Festival in London!    The festival is an exciting, vivacious celebration of the multi-culturalism of London, and how it is reflected in… Read more »

British Museum in London soars 20% in visitor numbers!

Congratulations to the British Museum, in London, for not only increasing visitor numbers by 20%, meaning 6.7 million people visited in 2013, but for also reaching second place in the top 10 in the world.   The British Museum has beaten the New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art and won… Read more »

Last Minute Mother’s Day Present!

I have just read today that if you actually calculated how much your mother is worth and what would be her ‘wage’ for being mum, the sum is about £100,000 per year!  According to who analysed and research into all the ‘jobs’ that a mother has to do, your… Read more »

A video showing the heart of London – The real historical London

I have just thought, how did London begin back in the days of the Roman times and even after the Romans had long left?  Where is the actual historical heart of this incredible city? Was it in Kensington, or Southwark?  No it was actually in the  City of London.     I found this… Read more »

London Holiday Rental apartments vs Hotels

If you travel on holiday or on business and is new to the London holiday rentals/serviced apartment world, this is the blog for you.  I wish in this blog to explain the difference between a London holiday rental and a hotel room, so you can decide for yourself which is… Read more »

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