How to stay in Shape while Travelling on Business

It’s a brand new year, and no doubt over the holiday season everyone has added a few kilos to their weight. But before you rush back to your work and insane travelling itinerary, remember that you can stay in shape while travelling on business. How?

Firstly, stop eating those biscuits, and switch to fruits and vegetables

Secondly, drink more water, which is known to wake you up and fill you up. If you are on the road constantly, water is even more vital, so top up.

Thirdly, we have found some really easy exercise routines you can even practice while on an airplane and in the car (as long as you are not driving of course). Get those arms and legs moving!

Click Here for an In-Flight Fitness Workout
Click Here for 18 Exercises for Healthy Flying

Wishing you happy, safe, and healthy travels for 2016!!

We hope our tips help you to stay fit and in shape. Don’t forget, if you need any serviced apartments for short lets in central London, we can help you! Give our friendly team a call on 0207 476 8963 (9-6 Mon- Fri) or email or visit


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